Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Birthday...

Since today was my birthday my sister was in charge of the camera. Here is my photo of the day, (day one...yay!) chosen from one of the photo's she took.

Obviously she didnt/doesnt know to turn on the But this is my family (L>R Mom, Dad, Me, Brandon, Matthew (on lap), and Kim). We were all laughing because of Brandon/Kim's card. Instead of writing things out Brandon just used the first letters of each word-very silly, of course I had no idea what it said (he is SO much like my dad!).

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Give In!

Alright, everyone else is joining in on this Project 365 thing so I will too. Wanna know what Project 365 is? Check it out here.

I've decided to start my first photo tomorrow since its my birthday and this for me-the start of a new year.

So stay tuned

**Oh-I think I might be getting a new camera for my birthday tomorrow so that would make it even better!